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BENCHMARK – Movement Haus


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Bringing health and
fitness home.

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Benchmark Group is a fully integrated health and fitness service provider and amenity design firm, specializing in implementing wellness programming into corporate and residential environments. Since its inception in 1999, Benchmark has brought its uniquely holistic approach to health and fitness to dozens of companies across North America, as well as over 100 condominium buildings throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Recognizing the value of taking a more branded approach to lifestyle design for the condominium market, Benchmark Group in 2010 created Movement Haus – a name that has become synonymous not only with state-of-the-art facilities and programming, but also leading-edge architectural and interior design. It’s a winning combination designed to benefit both residents and developers alike.

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Movement Haus

Not content to merely raise the bar for residential lifestyle amenities, Benchmark Group set out to create an entirely new standard for the industry through its collection of Movement Haus branded exercise environments.

Adopting a functional approach to the design of such amenities, Benchmark Group tailors each facility specifically to the unique needs of the building demographic, while at the same time keeping pace with the ever-changing landscape of health and fitness. We maximize resident engagement by focusing on the design of the lifestyle programming prior to creating the perfect physical space-ensuring a seamless delivery of form and function.

Historically, amenity spaces within condominium buildings were designed without consideration for functionality, and delivered with little thought given to programming. The result often was that valuable, sellable space remained under-utilized or sat vacant – or worse, required future redevelopment because of inadequate space allocation and planning.

Benchmark avoids the pitfalls of the past, by creating each space in partnership with architects, interior designers and equipment providers, as well as health and fitness professionals. Given the strength of our offering, developers are able to leverage the Movement Haus brand to increase the value of their projects, improve sales, lease rental units, and further enhance their overall brand position.

To date, we have designed movement haus-branded environments in more than 100 residential developments, and have helped to positively shape the health and well-being of 75,000 condominium dwellers across north America.

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Mark J Stables

Founder + CEO, Benchmark Group | Founder, Movement Haus

When Mark founded Benchmark Group in 1999 at the age of 24, he drew from his expertise in kinesiology, wellness coaching and competitive cycling to develop a holistic fitness approach to high performance living that would cater to urban dwellers using their on-site gym facilities.

With an extensive 20-year background in high-performance training, Mark has helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals and make lasting life changes. Logging more than 20,000 hours of fitness coaching in condominium fitness amenities affords him a unique perspective on designing and cultivating healthy communities.

With the launch of Movement Haus in fall 2010, Mark kick-started the concept of branded fitness spaces at the precise moment when condos were elevating their amenities to attract a wider demographic.

Educated in exercise sciences (University of Waterloo) but also a longtime architecture and design enthusiast, he has now been able to translate his interest in each of these disciplines into an active practice where every decision – including spatial planning, renderings, marketing and fitness coaching – is made to maximize brand potential for his clients.

Today, with Benchmark Group and Movement Haus operating in tandem, Mark sees limitless opportunities to improve the wellbeing of individuals and residential communities alike.