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Programming that outperforms.

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A healthy lifestyle is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s a non-negotiable.

But access to products, services and information doesn’t necessarily guarantee results. That’s why Benchmark Group has spent the past 18 years developing and finessing programs that are unique in their comprehensive consideration of health and fitness needs and goals.

Once a developer has committed to allocating space for fitness amenities, Benchmark Group applies its comprehensive health and fitness expertise to the design of each project – from the selection of lifestyle services, to overseeing the functionality and programming of our Movement Haus-branded amenities.

Imagine the possibilities: cooking classes, after-work yoga sessions, therapeutic massage treatments, informational courses – and all of this within the walls of your residential space. We encourage people to rethink condo living by interacting, circulating and benefitting from the environment that surrounds them.

Our mindset is not just holistic, it’s realistic. And you can see this in the way we approach the fitness, nutrition, treatment and coaching needs of your residents.

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Strength, power and endurance are invaluable for improved health and fitness.

While achieving optimal performance typically begins with some combination of familiar processes, from corrective exercise to strength and conditioning, the most effective programs are tailor-made and re-assessed over time to measure progress. To ensure a strong foundation, we create holistic fitness programs based on research, experience and personal profiles; this allows us to set goals that are attainable yet personally rewarding.

We further supplement our coaching and treatment paths with educational support, so that no matter the duration of the routine or program, residents gain a newfound appreciation of the benefits of working to achieve long-lasting results.

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Our one-on-one health coaching rounds out our lifestyle offering, providing an effective tool to identify, enact and sustain improvements in residents’ well-being. Our certified coaches specialize in integrating holistic fitness and nutrition goals into high-performance living and improved performance.

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We’ve been doing this for long enough to know that Soft Tissue Therapy can offer a blissful – not to mention necessary – counterpoint to physical effort. In fact, we consider it integral to our holistic approach to health and wellness. Administered by Registered Massage and Manual Therapists and Applied Kinesiologists, our treatments calm the mind, relieve tense muscles, improve circulation and re-energize the body. While they serve a functional purpose, they also leave each patient feeling restored and ready to take on new challenges.

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