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DESIGN – Movement Haus


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Better Amenities. By design.

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Benchmark approaches design without a formal framework or prescriptive principles – and that has been a key factor in the brand’s success. Rather than applying a one-size-fits-all template to our projects, we start fresh each time, regardless of whether we are reconfiguring an existing space or conceiving a new build.

Still, we are well aware that certain design and planning aspects matter more than others, which is why we begin by assessing the building demographic and then developing lifestyle programming, even before space allocation or design concepts are considered. We then shift our focus to finishes and layouts, alongside essential cornerstones such as functionality, safety, and procurement and purchase of fitness equipment.

We eschew fitness fads, sticking with proven environments and equipment that is intuitive and user-friendly. Through our industry partnerships, we are continually gaining insight into which products remain reliable and relevant over the long-term, while keeping tabs on all the latest advancements as the exercise landscape evolves.

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Your building’s health
depends on it.

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